Awesome Toaster – Read This!


Thus far, this toaster has been working up to par and as expected. I like the classy look. I didn’t even need to change the settings it was on (it recommends to try it as they have it set and then if you need to, to adjust). I have not done large things (i.e. bagels), but it’s been perfect for my toast. The crumb cleaner/drainer things at the bottom works very nicely and I’m sure if I can find some of that computer air spray that people use for their keyboards I can clean the top groves even better to keep it looking really nice. Glad I purchased.

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About 5 days after the 30 day return policy I was unable to make any toast. I would push the lever down and it would pop back up. I tried maneuvering settings and just trying it different pressures to see if it was just a glitch, but it wouldn’t come to life. I knew it was out of the 30 days, but I contacted Amazon anyway, spoke with a live person and was able to return my product for a new one. I have not started using the toaster as of yet, due to a series of events. I will update if anything happens again. Seems like a decent product, just maybe got a bad one. Amazon is the best. Keep it up 🙂

This is still going and works like I expect a toaster to work. I am grateful it’s still working after my breakdown earlier this year. I would buy again. I see there are LOTS of different ratings. Maybe you need to try for yourself. They are good to work with and returns are smooth. – GreenApple

This is a great bread machine for the money

I haven’t had a bread machine since the late ’80’s. Wow, they have come a long way! This machine works flawlessly and is a great help for this ole gal with arthritic hands. My husband takes a sandwich in his lunch everyday. Many store bought breads just don’t taste good or the texture is awful. The bread that comes out of this unit is just like grandma used to make.


Wonderful and the warm bread smell as it’s baking is out of this world! You need to follow the recipe in the book and be careful with the temperature and the measurements. I use bread flour and the yeast made for bread machines. The 2 pound loaf is way too tall to use for toast or sandwiches. I make the white bread and haven’t tried many other recipes. I’m looking forward to trying others and it will be easy with this machine. (Read also:

The only problem I have with this one is that I’m rather short. When the bread maker is on the regular counter height area of my kitchen, I can’t read the display. I will be moving it to the lower counter … if I can stop making bread in it long enough. Enjoy! – Patricia B.

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A Humidifier for Better Health

I bought the Crane Penguin Cool Mist Humidifier to improve my daughter’s health as she often suffers from nasal congestion. I chose the penguin design because my daughter loves how cute this Crane humidifier looks and it does liven up her bedroom.

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The humidifier is easy enough for her to operate and it works quietly. This model features a removable 1 gallon tank with a running time of 11 hours. Its total output is 2.1 gallons of moisture each day. It reduces the levels of bacteria and dust and increases the moisture in the air. So I do believe it has helped to improve the air quality because my daughter does not complain of her nose being stuffy any more.

It is also very safe to use as it automatically shuts off when the reservoir is empty. For optimum results, I have placed the humidifier next to my daughter’s bed so that the mist can fall on her when she is sleeping.

This rice cooker is fantastic!

This rice cooker is fantastic. I’ve tried several other types of rice cookers and other manufacturers too, and there’s a reason why Zojirushi is just the best. If not for the price, I would have bought a Zojirushi sooner. First, the build quality is excellent, with fine higher end plastics used and nice metal accents.The buttons feel good, and the menu system as a whole is very easy to use. Also, the handle is convenient for transporting the rice cooker from counter-top to table and the retractable chord is also convenient.


I haven’t gotten crazy with the types of rice I have cooked; however I primarily cook sushi rice in this which can be very finicky. Getting that perfect texture for sushi rice is difficult, you want the rice to be fluffy, chewy and each grain should stand on its own. This cooker pulls it off every time with ease, my trick however that I’ve learned is using slightly less water than specified on the rice Zojirushi rice cooker bowl – it gives the rice that extra bit of chew while still being cooked all the way through. Brown rice also comes out perfect in this, however it does take at least 1.5 hours though. The MICOM system really does a good job, creating the desired texture for each type of rice.

I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who cooks rice consistently. For anyone making sushi at home like I do, this is a must. I’ve currently found the ideal sushi rice setup is this rice cooker, with Nishiki rice (washed until starch is removed), and 0.5 cups less water than recommended. Finally, I only have two gripes with this product 1) I should have bought the 10 cup and 2) cooking times do tend to be a bit longer than stove-top or other rice cooker methods – but it’s worth it.

Baking and broiling with my toaster oven


I bought this elsewhere for $29.95 and am very happy with it. It bakes, broils, toasts, and warms. The three dials are easy to set, included is a quick start sheet for functions; the dials (function, time, temperature) are shown in the positions necessary for each function. I find the oven big enough for 4 pieces of bread, although I don’t use it for that,

I have a vintage chrome beast of a toaster for regular bread. In this I do toast large pieces of bread like fresh French bread. There is a removable crumb tray at bottom, a sliding rack and drip tray that fits below the rack (remove this for some uses). It is suggested you preheat and I find this to be of a minimum time so you can get almost right to it.

I bought this for baking and broiling needs as I live alone and feel that I am wasting power by using a large electric oven for all needs. This does exactly what I want it to. The instruction sheet comes in English, Spanish and French languages and is sufficient, along with quick start guide, to understand how to set dials for desired use. Three prong power plug for safety. Seems to be well made for this low price but time will tell of course. The timer will ring when complete and can also be set for Stay On. I’m sure you burn some things if you don’t watch it, like with toasting which would take a bit of experimenting with time for different types of breads.

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This food processor is a great value for the money


This processor wins hands-down in its price range. Plenty of power, and the work bowl is designed to contain more liquid than most.

The limit to liquid capacity is the height of the central shaft tube of the work bowl. In the majority of food processors, including ‘high end’ models, the liquid capacity is often less than half of the overall capacity if the central opening was sealed. Typical ’10 cup models’ may only hold 4 cups of liquid.

In this ’10 cup’ model, the central shaft tube extends much farther up into the work bowl, giving significantly more liquid capacity; overflow into the central shaft tube is at 6 1/2 cups. If you need to maximize liquid capacity, get this one! Even if not, it is a very good machine at a very reasonable price.

Well, it has been a few months past the 1 year warranty, and it just became a doorstop. I used the shredder disc for only the 2nd time, shredding a 1/2 lb piece of cheese as I had done once before, and a few seconds into it the disc stopped rotating but the motor was running. Now it will rotate, but not with any power. Won’t work with the blade any more either. Guess some part inside is a weak link and broke. So, i removed a star and probably should have removed another. It seems that this unit is ok for light-duty work only. I’ll be replacing it with something else. (Richard Hall)

This video might help you in choosing the right food processor:

Observing your kids a baby monitor

When you have multiple young kids that must be observed when you are not with them, its best that you get a 2 rooms baby monitor.

Many video baby monitors haven’t any safety features. This means the signal could be received through anybody’s video monitor near you.

Sensor monitors will alert you in the event that your child stops moving for a particular length of time. The movement sensor pads are put underneath your child’s mattress, and if no motion is picked up the system buzzes to warn you to check on your little one straight away.

Baby monitors are hassle-free to put up. No difficult instruction manuals. Literally just plug in and you are done. You will get your baby monitor ready and operating immediately. Baby video monitors will let you take it easy and handle other chores and not have to always concentrate on listening for sounds.

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My Best Friend, the Chef, in Need of a Vacuum Cleaner

My best friend is a chef; at home and at work. I usually joke about that with her because she was really serious when she starts cooking. Last weekend, as we were having our usually friendly chat, she complained about cleaning up her kitchen counter. I suggested her to get the best vacuum cleaner for herself because it definitely speeds up her cleaning process.


But she feels that lugging around a vacuum cleaner in the kitchen is very inconvenient. Furthermore, she says that most of the cleaning up involved some wet stuffs and she has no intention of ruining her home appliances. I was actually surprise that she doesn’t know that there are such thing as portable wet and dry vacuum cleaner. It wasn’t so nice of me later when I laugh at her but she understood.

Then she got all excited about the type of vacuum cleaner I’m talking about. So tomorrow she’ll be coming to my apartment to look up some reviews.